Markeaton Park Restoration Project

The aim of the Markeaton Park Restoration Project was to transform this much-loved historic park so that it can continue to provide an attractive, welcoming and well-used green space for future generations.

hsd worked with Derby City Council to create a new brand identity for the park, as well as new interactive exhibits for visitors to enjoy. We explored the branding challenges and opportunities for communication with visitors. Following the adoption of the brand identity, we developed an Interpretation Plan finalising the themes and sub-themes to provide a coherent and multi-layered narrative for Markeaton Park.

Now the park enjoys new branded signage, orientation and interpretation at key locations. Graphic media was designed to provide a robust yet sympathetic visual solution given the natural landscape setting.


  • Interpretative masterplanning
  • Content research and development
  • Branding
  • Multimedia exhibition design
  • Illustration
  • Signage design and artwork


  • Derby, UK

The leaf icon for Markeaton Park was devised from multiple brightly coloured, intertwining segments which were used to represent the many different offerings and services at the park.

Alex Brooks, Senior Graphic Designer