UoL Work Placement
at hsd

I always knew I wanted to tell stories. Growing up, I was frequently found with a book in hand- sometimes fictional, sometimes about the splendor of ancient Egypt or the expansive empire of ancient Rome.

My passion for history and story continued through my education. I majored in Anthropology at the University of Victoria in Canada, with a focus in archaeology and osteology.

I thoroughly enjoyed what fascinating information that could be gained from the tiniest shard of pottery, or through the layers of earth showing habitation centuries apart. These were the stories of people, their lives, their objects. We were the first to re-discover them.

Anthropology introduced me to the world of museums. To further understand museology, I completed a diploma in Cultural Resource Management. I took one class on exhibition design and knew I had found my niche. In such a diverse field that is museum studies, the cross roads of story telling, history, and objects reached a peak: interpretation.

In Canada, I worked for several museums doing anything and everything possible. I led school groups through a historic salmon cannery, accessioned new objects for the Olympic collection (including gold medals!),


worked on the front lines of visitor services talking about transportation history, and even managed to gain exhibition design and installation experience during an exhibit celebrating Canada’s 150th anniversary.

I was accepted into the Leicester Museum Studies MA programme for September 2017. I said farewell to my poutin and All-Dressed potato chips and flew across the world to Leicester. There were a few little cultural quirks that threw me off upon arrival. Nine months later, I think I’m finally starting to settle in.

Now that my dissertation, “Haunted History: Interpreting the past through museums, heritage, dark tourism, and ghost stories,” has been submitted, I’ve joined the team at hsd for an eight-week placement. I’m thrilled to be able to learn from the interpretation department and see all the planning that goes into creating museum exhibits.

So far, I’ve been working on researching topics and photographs for a few projects and have contributed to content brain-storming meetings. I am thoroughly enjoying putting all my education and experience to use in such a creative environment. I know this is the type of museum work that I will aim to pursue in the future, I’m so grateful I have the opportunity to begin my career learning from everyone at hsd.