Reinventing America’s
most popular museum

Back in 2016 hsd was appointed as the exhibition designer for the revitalisation of the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum in Washington D.C.

Our commission encompassed the design and refresh of nine galleries within the Museum that explore an array of flight and space related themes including early flight, landing on the Moon, the exploration of our solar system and our fascination with speed. Working with the architectural team, curators and collections teams, hsd was the catalyst for the creation of a totally new look and feel for the Museum’s galleries. Redefining the Smithsonian’s exacting standards to deliver world-class visitor experiences that continue to enthral visitors at one of the most visited museums in North America was our objective.

hsd has been instrumental in mapping out visitor journeys through each gallery, using the stunning and significant collections to unpack people-based stories that illustrate how we have and continue to shape our understanding of the world and those beyond.  Using the latest immersive medias and integrated technologies, as well as print and display approaches, our aim has been to bring the museum alive and provide visitors with a truly unique and memorable experience that inspires them to find out more.

With technical designs now complete, hsd is honoured to continue our work with the Smithsonian teams, assisting with production drawing reviews and the appointment of fabricators. We are also overseeing the media production across all nine galleries in conjunction with our varied media partners.

The Museum has commenced the first phases of a seven-year renovation with the first set of galleries scheduled to open in 2022.