Reimagining the Museum

hsd is heading to Oaxaca, Mexico to participate in the conference Reimagining the Museum (Museo Reimaginado). The biannual event, which attracts an audience of museum, heritage, and art professionals, as well as community leaders and activists from all corners of the Americas, is an epicentre for dialogue on the social impact and role of museums.

Previously hosted in Buenos Aires and Medellin, the third edition of Reimagining the Museum will focus on how museums can foster equitable and intercultural societies, address the theme of coexistence in diverse societies, and how different communities relate to their natural environment. Issues of inclusion, social diversity, community practises, and activism in the cultural sector will be central to the conversation.

Reimagining the Museum is a highly participatory and interactive event where sessions are intended as conversations rather than traditional seminars. Through panel discussions, workshops, round tables, and field trips, participants will have the opportunity to discuss pressing social challenges and identify the role of museums in creating positive change. The event will be a forum for sharing innovative ideas, methodologies and best museum practices in the Americas.

The environmental and cultural diversity of Oaxaca offers a promising environment for discussing interculturalism, inclusion, and diversity. We look forward to participating in this dialogue!