Norwich Castle

We’re delighted to be working with Norwich Castle as Exhibition Designers for their ‘Gateway to Medieval England’ project. The Norfolk Museums Service has recently been successful in securing £8.7 million in funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

This exciting project, developed in partnership with the British Museum, is part of the overall transformation of Norwich Castle Keep back to its former glory, as one of the finest Romanesque castles in Western Europe. The project will drastically improve the visitor experience by reinstating the Norman principal floor including the Great Hall, King’s Chamber and Chapel, and making the Keep a more understandable and accessible building.

A new Medieval Gallery will provide Norfolk Museums Service with the opportunity to showcase their own stunning collections from the period, supplemented by carefully curated artefacts on loan from the British Museum.

The Keep aims to explore and celebrate the lives of those who lived during the period 1066 to c.1534, which saw great innovation and change, with a focus on Norwich and Norfolk as a significant and thriving hub to medieval life.

Throughout the redeveloped Keep, visitors will follow the three main themes of ‘Those who Pray’, ‘Those who Work’ and ‘Those who Fight’. These societal markers are described by numerous medieval chroniclers, depicting contemporary society. The experience will therefore allow visitors to engage with the medieval world as understood by medieval people themselves

hsd are currently working with the project team to complete the technical design package, to support a re-opening of the Keep in 2020.