New Beeston Canalside Heritage Centre opens to the public

hsd has been working with the Canalside Heritage Centre Trust since 2008 on the development of the new Beeston Canalside Heritage Centre project. We have worked on the interpretation, activity and business planning as part of a successful first and second round HLF application, and subsequent implementation of the scheme.

The project focuses on the canal system in Nottingham, and more specifically the Lock number 5 and associated cottages at Beeston Rylands. The Beeston Cut is a small but important link between the Nottingham Canal and the River Trent, with a rich history and place in the hearts of the local community. The lock house and cottages are two of the most important buildings on the Beeston Canal.

hsd developed the interpretive approach in close consultation with volunteer history and arts groups who helped to implement the scheme.

The stories of The Beeston Cut and Beeston Rylands communities are celebrated, recognising that it was and is a place in the making, a living history. Starting in the present-day, the Heritage Centre takes people on a moving journey through the lives and experiences of the canalside communities.

The new engaging facilities breathe new life into the site, and provides a community space for new stories to be made and shared.