From intern to employee

We’re pleased to have a, not so new, member of staff join us here at hsd. Last year (2018) we had the pleasure of welcoming intern Emily Friesen to the team. Emily joined our interpretation department for several weeks after completing her dissertation as part of the Leicester Museum Studies MA programme.

The interpretation department were really impressed by Emily during her internship and are pleased to have welcomed her back to the team as a permanent employee of hsd.

“I am excited to be back in my new role as Interpretive Assistant, building on the skills and knowledge I acquired as an intern,” commented Emily. “It is so inspiring to work with the interpretation and design teams at hsd. I’m looking forward to developing my own creative ideas, learning more about the design process, and to continue contributing to hsd’s diverse projects.”

One of the schemes Emily contributed to during her internship was the Oklahoma Pop (OKPOP) museum in Tulsa, dedicated to sharing the story of the creativity of Oklahoma’s people and their influence on popular culture around the world. hsd has been appointed as the exhibition designers in addition to supporting the creation and direction of the building’s architecture through a series of workshops with the client and architectural partners.

Creative Director Jan Faulkner concluded, “Investing in young talent is important to us as a company. We want to ensure that we’ve got the right skills in place to meet the continually increasing demand for our services in the museum and heritage sector.

“We’re looking forward to seeing Emily grow and develop new knowledge and skills as she’s a great asset to our Interpretation team.”