DMU Art & Design
Graduates visit hsd

hsd was honoured to be invited to De Montfort University’s annual Art & Design Degree Show at the end of June. Continuing the tradition of previous years, we presented certificates and prizes to two of the Museum and Exhibition Design students.

Zuzanna Lubera was awarded the hsd Undergraduate Design Award for her ‘Short Circuit’ exhibit which aims to raise awareness about the impact digital technology has on society. hsd’s directors felt that Zuzanna’s project was strong, well visualised and a challenging exploration of a contemporary issue. From a design perspective, they were impressed with the stylistic skills demonstrated to communicate the concept.

The directors were overall very impressed by all the students’ final projects, there were many good ideas that were communicated well through design, with some very powerful and thought-provoking subjects.

The hsd MA award for ‘Best overall performance in and contribution to the Museum and Exhibition Design’ module was awarded to Faustyna Zak. She produced a fantastic exhibition proposal entitled ‘The World at your Feet’ about environmental awareness and the current focus and emphasis on local, as well as global environmental changes

Recently we had winners Zuzanna and Faustyna visit the hsd headquarters accompanied by two of their fellow students Youna Choi and Daniela Correa Duque. They sat down with hsd Director Jan Faulkner to talk about their projects and took a tour of the hsd studio. We wish all of them the best of luck for their future careers in the sector.