An internship at hsd

I started my internship with hsd to gain experience in a side of the heritage sector that I did not know much about. After a few short months, I can say that this is definitely the career that I want to pursue after my PhD.

Originally from California, I completed an MA and am working towards finishing a PhD in public history at the University of York.  Through my postgraduate degrees I have studied the theory behind museum education and interpretation.

My education and experiences have been incredibly valuable to the shaping of my understanding of the role and functions of museums. However, I am more interested in how museums tell stories about the histories and cultures that the collections represent, rather than the specific artefacts on display.

During my time here with the interpretation team, I have gained a whole new range of experiences in what it means to design an exhibition. So far, I have conducted research to support a bid for a new project and worked on developing interpretation at a cathedral.

For both of these projects, I have been able to utilise the knowledge I have acquired in my education to help with the research process. These two projects have been fun to work on and have also allowed me to utilise my prior knowledge to influence my work.

However, the majority of my time at hsd has been to help with the final stages of a major museum project and has allowed me to gain entirely new skills and experiences. In these last few stages, I have meticulously edited and proofread scripts for exhibition text and have also been part of a team that has sourced and procured images for the exhibitions. By working on these three projects, I have experienced the beginning, middle, and end of the exhibition design process and have gained valuable insight into the field.

When I began the internship with hsd, I wanted to gain a new experience and explore a field I thought I might be interested in. My time here has solidified my passion for telling stories through museum exhibitions and has given me a strong insight into the world of museum design.