2017 National Council on Public History Annual Meeting

hsd was honoured to present at the 2017 National Council on Public History Annual Meeting. The theme of the conference “The Middle: Where Did We Come From, Where Are We Going?” fit with our talk “Permeability v. Permanence: Reaching out to an Audience on the Move”. We spoke about our experience working in Toronto’s Union Station to incorporate digital and physical interpretive elements to deliver interpretive messaging to an unassuming audience on the move and in transition. We outlined strategies for adding interpretation to urban and built landscapes, and ways of drawing in viewers with no interpretive expectations.

The most rewarding aspect of our presentation was the discussion afterward. We exchanged ideas with our industry colleagues about strategies they were using in their own efforts, and thought collectively about new ways to envision success around this kind of interpretation. We engaged critically about how to incorporate more organic approaches to interrupt expectations of people moving through spaces that don’t traditionally host interpretation. Thanks to all who participated and to the NCPH for a critical and engaging conference.